We are all Different and all the Same at the Same Time

Always On Slightly Off 

Up and Down 

But Always Forward
And those who were dancing were considered insane
           By those who could not hear the music.

Bipolar Friends Chat

A chat room and forum created for people with bipolar disorder to support each other,  love each other,
 educate each other, laugh together, and  cry together.  A place  about more than mania and depression 
                                                    where we can  just be human and not a diagnosis.

Welcome  first time visitors!  We are glad you found us!!

Use the link below to register for the chat room

you will get a computer generated password in an email; 

copy and paste it in the password section below to enter the first time;

 then change your password to something you can remember 

cause we want to see you back here again and again!

Hello Friends!

This chat room  was created to give friends with bipolar who love and care about each other a place to support each other, laugh together, cry together, and just be human and not a diagnosis.  There are no professionals in here and any advice given is strictly from personal experience.  

 Please remember we all come from different geographical, physical and emotional places and there will be times we need to agree to disagree.   Treat each other with respect and no personal attacks or name calling.  Please no pasting large amounts of text, flooding the room with multiple posts.  

 Minimum age to chat is 16.

Thank You and Enjoy!